11 Waterproof Shock Collars For Dogs With Remote​ 2021

What are the best and most reliable waterproof shock collars for dogs with remote ?

If you are looking for the best and most reliable waterproof shock collars for dogs with remote , the Petrainer Professional dog training collar is probably what you are looking for.

There are however a few things you might want to consider before buying a dog shock or training collar.

Are all dog shock collars waterproof?

In 2019, when this article is being written, all the good ones are.

It didn’t take much time for the big players to figure out that the waterproofing issue was extremely important not only to their customers but also for the safety of dogs.

The whole purpose of using a shock collar is to train your dog to stop barking using the quickest and safest way possible.

1. Petrainer Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar (UPGRADED VERSION)

Are bark collars safe for dogs?

 A training collar isn’t necessarily bad for your dog. Not all types of collars are alike.
Almost all of them offer a variety of options and modes for you to increase or decrease the intensity at will.

Assuming that you are buying an anti-bark collar for training purposes and not to hurt your animal, follow the instructions carefully and your dog will be fine.

If you want to learn more about the welfare consequences and efficacy of training pet dogs with remote electronic training collars in comparison to reward-based training, check out this great article published by the National Institutes of Health.

How long can you leave a bark collar on a dog?

It’s important to always keep in mind that it is for training purposes only and not a permanent thing.
It is inadvisable to leave the shock collar on for a period exceeding 12 hours per day. To optimize the training, 2 – 3 hours sessions at a time is what you should aim for.

2. PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

3. TBI Pro Dog Shock Training Collar

Do dog shock collars work for barking?

 Almost all the collars we tried were able to detect barking perfectly and simply by sensing vibrations in the dog’s vocal cords.

It would then trigger either an electric current, a small spray of citrus and/or citronella, or an ultrasonic sound that we can’t hear.

Does ultrasonic bark control hurt dogs?

The ultrasonic sound is harmless yet annoying, which reminds the dog to stop barking.
It stops as soon as he stops barking, which is usually within a few seconds. Ultrasonic devices’ main function is to emit an unpleasant high pitched sound only dogs can hear.
This is typically over 20,000 Hz. Fun facts, dogs can pick up frequencies to 45,000 Hz. 

4. DogCare Shock Collar with 3 Training Modes

Are anti-bark dog collars cruel?

Shock collars are made for training purposes only. It is extremely important to read the instructions carefully.

Personally, I always prefer to start with the ultrasonic sound or the citrus spray and I find this method to be less invasive for my dog.

Will a bark collar work for separation anxiety?

That is actually one of the downsides of most bark collars.

In most cases, it has small to no effect at all on separation anxiety.

In other cases, it actually worsens separation anxiety. You must monitor your dog’s overall health and adjust accordingly.

If you are planning on using the collar regularly for a while, you might want to also buy a few stimulating and interactive toys to control and prevent separation anxiety.

If you need ideas on what to buy, here is a link to our TOP 10 Stimulating and Interactive dog toys.

5. Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Upgraded 1000ft Remote

6. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote - Trains 3 Dogs if Extra Collars Purchased

7. Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar - 3/4 Mile Range

How to calibrate your dog’s shock collar?

  1. Start at zero
  2. Increase the voltage until your dog starts to react
  3. This is the level you should start with.

Note: Your dog should be calm while doing this to make sure you can see his reaction.

Do bark collars hurt my dog?

On the contrary, bark collars are designed to help dog owners train their dogs.

Here are 5 things to take into consideration to make sure nobody gets hurt.

  1. Make sure the fitting is right and that you are using the device properly.
  2. Do not buy cheap models only because they are cheap, this is a training device, not a cheap toy.
    3. Read the instructions carefully before using it. ( If you are a guy and refuse to read the instructions, watch a youtube video at least )
    4. Calibrate the collar by starting at zero and slowly increasing the voltage or intensity until you get a reaction.
    5. Never leave it on for more than 12 hours per day.

At what age can I use a bark collar on my dog?

To us, the minimum age is no less than 6 months.

 It is recommended to place the collar on the dog at around five months without using it to accustom the animal.

 I know some people have started using them when the dog was around 10 weeks old and had great results but I personally think it’s a bit early.

If you can afford to wait a little while and test some other techniques, I would recommend you do.

8. GoodBoy Small Size Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep Vibration and Shock Modes. 1000 Feet range.

9. WDFZONE Dog Training Collar with Remote 1600Ft

10. SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers - Including New X-Series

11. iPets PET619S 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar 900 ft Remote

“Most people agree in saying that If you aren’t buying a waterproof anti bark collar in this day and age, you are simply asking for trouble.”

“Use any of these dog collars to stop your dog from barking at noises and ultimately train him safely and effectively.”

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