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Best Portable Generator for Cold Weather in 2021

What are the best portable generators for cold weather in 2020 ?

If you are in the market to buy the best portable generator for cold weather in 2020, you are in the right place.

I could tell you to stop reading right now and go buy the Jackery Explorer 500 and you would probably be good to go.

But before you do just that, I’m sure you want to compare the top generators out there and make a choice for yourself based on your needs.

Let me tell you how I winded up writing this top 10.

It all started when my wife and I bought an RV a few months ago.

Owning an RV also means owning a bunch of things like grills, pellet smokers, small blenders, etc.

It didn’t take long to realize we couldn’t power all those things without buying a proper generator.

One of our friends owns a hardware store so we figured it was a nice opportunity to borrow a few portable generators and test them.

We also relied on him for advice since he was the expert. To be honest he didn’t know as much as we wanted but at least he could lend us a few for us to test out.

Since we spent all this time (not that much time) and money (not that much money) testing these portable generators, I decided to create this top 10 to help you make the right choice to suit your needs. All of them are available on Amazon so it’s pretty much risk-free since you can return them for a full refund if you don’t like them.

1. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 - Portable Generator

This is the Explorer 500 by Jackery. Its powered by a 518Wh mobile lithium battery pack with 110V/500w AC outlet. It’s also solar ready.

This is the first model we tried and it ended up being our favorite. It’s reliable, durable and so versatile for outdoor use. Perfect for RVs and trailers.

As long as it’s under 500Wh, you can power pretty much anything you want with this thing. Outdoor grills, small blender, pellet smoker, household ice shaver, projector for a nice movie, you name it.


  • Battery Capacity: 518Wh (24Ah, 21.6V)
  • AC Output: 110V, 500W (1000W peak.)
  • Car Port: DC 12V, 10A , 2*DC Output: 12V, 7A (Total 120W)
  • USB Outputs (3): 5V, 2.4A (each)
  • Input: 8mm DC, 12V~30V (100W Max)
  • Dimensions: 11.84*7.59*9.2 in
  • Weight: 13.32lbs



2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 - Portable Generator

A bit predictable but the 240W Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 comes second in our top10. It’s exactly like the explorer 500 but less powerful. Its as reliable, as durable and even lighter than the explorer 500.

The particularity with this one is that its much quieter and much more eco-friendly. It’s lithium powered so it means no fumes, no smoke. It also mean you don’t have to worry about fuel or gasoline, it’s not needed. Just like the explorer 500, it’s solar ready so you can charge it with any solar panel.


  • Capacity: 240Wh (16.8Ah, 14.4V)
  • Battery Type: 67000mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Input: 8mm DC, 12V~30V (42W max. )
  • AC Output: 110V, 200W (400W peak.)
  • Car Port: DC 12V, 10A , 120 Watt
  • USB Outputs (2): 5V, 2.4A (each)
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.05*5.24*7.87in



3. Pulsar PG2000 - Inverter Generator

This is the Pulsar PG2000. It’s our number tree and it’s also the first gas-powered generator to make our top 10. It’s just so powerful and versatile, we couldn’t ignore it’s power.

It’s surprisingly pretty quiet with a maximum of 59dB when running close to full capacity. It’s virtually silent from about 10 feet away. Just like the Jackerys, it has a nice compact suitcase design to make it easier to transport. It also has some nice features like the ability to to connect 2 PG2000 units together for increased power output.


  • 2000 Peak Watts
  • 1600 Rated Watts
  • Super quiet 59 decibels
  • 80cc OHV Engine
  • Two AC 120 Outlets
  • One 12V DC 8A Outlet
  • 5V DC USB Outlet
  • 8 Hours of continuous operation at Half Load
  • 1.18 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Include 12V Charging cable
  • And more…



4. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station