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Food Stuffable Dog Toys | Challenging Dog Toys in 2021

What are the best food-stuffable dog toys for 2020?

According to Amazon’s sales and reviews, the Kong – Classic Dog Toy is still on top of the food chain when it comes to food stuffable dog toys. See what I did there?

To be perfectly honest, it’s pretty difficult to find anything bad to say about the Kong. It’s robust, durable, challenging for your dog. Everybody knows it’s probably the best toy out there. To give a chance to the other dog toys available, we decided to exclude it from our Top 10.

If you don’t know what the Kong is or it’s what you are looking for, you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Also check out our frequently ask question (FAQ) section for more information about stuffable dog toys.

Beaver's choice

About the toy

First of all, I realize it’s pretty much Titan’s version of the Kong Classic but you have to give credit where it’s due. This toy is simply amazing. It’s extremely tough, it’s durable, it’s safe also it is slightly cheaper than the Kong Classic.

The inside part of the toy is quite big so it’s perfect for peanut butter, cheese, even treats like cookies. It’s our new Labrador’s favorite toy and frankly, I completely understand why.

If you are looking for the best alternative for the Kong Classic, this it it. Even Hank the Beaver couldn’t resist putting his stamp of approval.

Challenging and interactive

As I mentioned before, the shape of the toy leave more room for stuffing food. Not only that, it creates an unpredictable bounce when dropped on the floor.

The erratic bounce is mentally stimulating for dogs and keeps them primed for play, especially when alone. It’s made of safe FDA approved rubber which stands up to all kinds of biting, teething and tearing.

Training and separation anxiety

As advertised by Titan, it’s the perfect stuffable dog toy for crate training, separation anxiety and obedience training.

Icing on the cake

No need to clean it by hand, it’s dishwasher safe. Also, it’s a freezable toy so you can stuff it with let’s say peanut butter and freeze it for extended leisure. On top of that, it’s made in USA.



2. PetSafe Busy Buddy Barnacle Treat Dispenser

About the toy

Take a look at this one. This is the PetSafe Busy Barnacle. It’s not as well known. You may not have heard of it before but it’s another extremely powerful stuffable dog toy.

It’s material is built to handle heavy chewing. As you can see in the picture, it has three separate chambers which makes it very challenging and makes playtime last longer. I like the fact that you can stuff the three chambers with different kind of foods.

Furthermore, the chambers are of different sizes so it can hold a variety of treats.

Key Features

As you probably guessed it, it’s extremely stimulating for the animal so it helps cure boredom and reduce separation anxiety by keeping your dog busy.

Like the Titan and the Kong, it is dishwasher safe, FDA compliant and comes from a trusted global leader in the pet behavior industry.

Concerning the price, it’s quite reasonable and very competitive compared to it’s direct competitors.

It could easily have been our #1 spot but as mentioned before, Hank The Beaver had some very compelling arguments.



3. KONG Tires Extreme

About the toy

Obviously, you can’t make a top 10 dog toys without having at least one Kong product in your top 3. This is the Kong Tire Extreme, one of the most sold stuffable dog toy product on the market.

Although it only comes in two sizes, it kinda is the perfect stuffable toy for any size dogs. The balance between the amount of food you can put inside the Kong Tire and how hard it is for your dog to access it is frankly untouchable.

Key Features

You guessed it, it’s indestructible. Not really… But it’s extremely tough and was basically created for determined chewers.

The fact that your dog can see all round the inside of the tire is immensely enticing for your doggy. Can be filled with easy treats, snacks, peanut butter.

Moreover, the strategic tire design is perfect for fetching and other fun games.

Kong toys are made in use and FDA compliant.

In short, it’s an awesome toy and could easily have been our #2 or even our #1 spot. Similar price, similar purpose, similar design, you really can’t go wrong buying any of the top 3.