Winter Coats for Labradors Retrievers Dogs | TOP 10

What are the best dog winter coats and jackets for Labrador Retriever dogs?

If you are looking for the best and most reliable winter coat, jacket, or sweater for you’re beloved labrador retriever dog, you are at the right place.

As you might know by now, my wife and I are proud owners of a beautiful 8-year-old black labrador.

We were shocked to learn recently that labrador retriever types of dogs will begin to feel uncomfortable outside when the temperature falls below 20F / -7C.

As per usual, we went and bought every single dog winter coats, jackets, and sweaters we could find online and you can find out below which ones were our top 10 favorites.

Are all dog winter coats the same? Anything I should know before going on a buying frenzy?

Some if not all of them are very cute looking and seem to do just what they are built for but cute doesn’t mean the animal will feel warm wearing it.

It also doesn’t mean your lab will be comfortable wearing it for a long period of time.

You might have to do some research first about what material is the best for your dog and what to avoid.

I’m just kidding, we weren’t through this tedious process so you won’t have to.

We have selected 10 of the best dog coats for a labrador and all of them are sold on Amazon so if it doesn’t fit or the dog won’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund without much hassle.

Hopefully, our top choices will also be yours so you won’t have to send anything back. Without further due, here are the top 10 Winter Coats for Labrador Retriever Dogs!

1. Kuoser British Style Dog Winter Coat (16 different patterns and colors)

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  • 9 Sizes Available:

    XXS: Chest Girth:9.1-11.8″, Body Length: 8.7″, Neck Girth: 8.7″,

    XS: Chest Girth:11.8-14.6″, Body Length: 9.8″, Neck Girth: 12.6″,

    S: Chest Girth:14.6-17.7″, Body Length: 12.6″, Neck Girth: 14.2″,

    M: Chest Girth:17.7-20.9″, Body Length: 14.2″, Neck Girth: 15.7″,

    L: Chest Girth:20.9-23.2″, Body Length: 15.7″, Neck Girth: 17.7″,

    XL: Chest Girth:23.2-26.8″, Body Length: 18.1″, Neck Girth: 19.7″,

    XXL: Chest Girth:26.8-29.9″, Body Length: 20.9″, Neck Girth: 21.7″,

    3XL: Chest Girth:29.9-37.8″, Body Length: 24.0″, Neck Girth: 26.8″,

    4XL: Chest Girth:37.8-47.2″, Body Length: 24.8″, Neck Girth: 29.5″,

    Attention: Two-leg Dog Coat Size Refer to the Chest Most for a Suitable Fit. Always look at the size chart or consult with us before placing order.

    These clothes are the perfect size for all Large medium and small dogs. such as golden retriever, Labrador, husky, Teddy, schnauzer, Samoyed. Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs etc, Small breed puppies, Chiwawa, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Mini Pinscher, Pomeranian, mini Poodle, Jack Russel, pug, Pekingese, medium breed dog, Large breed dogs.


-Waterproof and windproof
-Reversible and super warm
-Mostly made of polyester fiber so it’s extremely resistant
-Available in 16 different patterns and colors


-Although it’s our preferred brand, it comes from UK so the shipping is a little bit longer

-As far as the product goes, we couldn’t find any real cons. It’s a must buy as far as we are concerned.

2. MIGOHI british style winter coat


  • 8 sizes for you to choose from!

    XXS:Body Length: (8.7″/22CM), Chest Girth:(9″-11.8″/23-30cm), Neck Girth: (8.7″/22cm)

    XS: Body Length: (9.8″/25CM), Chest Girth:(11.8″-13.8″/30-35cm), Neck Girth: (12.6″/32cm)

    S: Body Length: (12.6″/32CM), Chest Girth:(13.8″-17.7″/35-45cm), Neck Girth: (14.2″/36cm)

    M: Body Length: (14.2″/36CM), Chest Girth:(17.7″-20.9″/45-53cm), Neck Girth:(15.7″/40cm)

    L: Body Length: (15.7″/40CM), Chest Girth: (20.9″-23.2″/53-59cm), Neck Girth: (17.7″/45cm)

    XL: Body Length: (18.1″/46CM), Chest Girth: (23.2″-26.8″/59-68cm), Neck Girth: (19.7″/50cm)

    XXL: Body Length: (20.9″/53CM), Chest Girth: (26.8″-30″/68-76cm), Neck Girth: (21.7″/55cm)

    XXXL: Body Length: (24″/61CM), Chest Girth: (30″-38.6″/76-98cm), Neck Girth: (26.8″/68cm


– Features of MIGOHI Dog Jackets – Double Wear Classic Plaid Dog Jacket

– Design: Reversible British Style Grid Jacket

– Material: Polyester + TC (terylene/cotton) Fabric and Lining with Exquisitely Sewing

– Adjustable Magic Sticker Design Makes the Dog Coat Easy to Put on and Takeoff

– Thick, Lightweight, Windproof, Waterproof, Very Soft, Comfortable, and Warm Dog Vest to Protect Your Beloved Puppy in the Cold Weather

– Occasions: Indoor or Outdoor Activities


-Waterproof and windproof
-Reversible and super warm
-High quality polyester, very durable
-Lightweight and stylish


-Same problem as the Kuoser. If you can wait for the extra shipping time, it’s a very nice find.
-Again, nothing bad to say about the product itself.

3. vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie


S:Chest12.1″-14.9″(31-38cm),Neck11″ (28cm),Lenth10.5″ (26cm)
M:Chest15″-16.9″(39-43cm),Neck12″ (31cm),Lenth12.6″(32cm)


Extra Warm (Fleece+Cotton Lining) ,keep super warm in the the cold winter/snow,skin-friendly
Soft polyester fabric,comfortable & brethable

Dog hoodie can protect dog’s ear and head,avoid ear being cold in the outdoor


Lightweight,durable,fashion design,exquisite sewing,leash hole in neck
Easy put on and take off by snaps
Elastics edges of foot & waist


-Aesthetically beautiful and warm
-Fashion dog coat, easy to put on and take off


-Some reviews complained about size being too small. The ad does say to order a size bigger if you’re dog is in the middle of two size.

-Seems to be more suited for smaller dogs. However, we did not send it back as it fits our Lab quite well.

4. Queenmore Cold Weather Dog Coats


  • XS: Back Length: 8.26”/ 21cm, Neck Girth: 9.84”-11.02”/ 25-28cm, Chest Girth: 15.35”-12.9”/ 39-44cm

    S: Back Length: 10.23”/ 26cm, Neck Girth: 13.38”-14.17”/ 34-36cm, Chest Girth: 17.71”-19.68”/ 45-50cm

    M: Back Length: 12.20”/ 31cm, Neck Girth:11.02”-12.59”/ 36-39cm, Chest Girth: 19.68”-22.04”/ 50-56cm

    L: Back Length: 14.17”/ 36cm, Neck Girth: 12.59”-14.17”/ 39-42cm, Chest Girth: 24.40”-27.55”/ 62-70cm

    XL: Back Length: 16.14”/ 41cm, Neck Girth: 19.29”-20.86”/ 49-53cm, Chest Girth: 26.77”-29.92”/ 68-76cm

    2XL: Back Length: 21.25”/54cm, Neck Girth: 24.40”-25.98”/ 62-66cm, Chest Girth: 29.52”-32.28”/ 75-82cm

    3XL: Back Length: 23.62”/ 60cm, Neck Girth: 27.16”-29.13”/ 69-74cm, Chest Girth: 37.79”-42.91”/ 96-109cm

    4XL: Back Length: 29.92”/76cm, Neck Girth: 38.58”-40.55”/ 98-103cm, Chest Girth: 40.55”-44.88”/ 103-114cm


  • Queenmore Cold Weather Dog Coat is made of high quality and durable materials. Every needle and line, uniform and particular, complies with rigid manufacturing standards.


-Water resistant
-Reflective lining
-Reversible coat
-Available in all sizes


-Only available in 4 colors

-Price is a little bit higher

5. JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket


  • XS:Chest(10.1″-12″),Neck9.5″,Lenth9.5″

    dog jacket is also called dog coat warm in winter


-Amazing quality, very well made.
-Available in all sizes
-Super warm jacket.


-Windproof but not 100% waterproof

-Availability can vary with seasons

6. MIGOHI Reflective Waterproof Windproof Dog Coat