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Dog toys you can put peanut butter in | TOP 10

What are the best dog toys you can stuff with peanut butter?

If you are like me, you probably have been feeding your dog peanut butter the ”old” way, with a simple spoon. Fortunately, there are now dog toys you can put peanut butter in and let the dog do its thing.

Most of these toys also act as an interactive game for your dog, therefor stimulating its cognitive development. Just like everything else, we ordered and tested a bunch of them for you.

Here is our top 10 dog toys you can put peanut butter in.

10) Titan Busy Bounce, Tough Durable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

TOUGH DOG TOY: This durable bouncing dog toy keeps your dog’s biting at bay as it can take a bite from the most aggressive chewer. This treat dispensing pet toy can hold peanut butter, dog bones and dental treats that keep furry friends happily occupied.

DURABLE PET TOY: This interactive dog toy for large dogs is made of FDA safe rubber that stands up to biting, puppy teething, throwing, and tearing. The rubber ball has an erratic unpredictable bounce that pets will love to catch and chase.

USE FOR TRAINING: Dogs react well to treat training, who wouldn’t? Use this tough dog treat toy for crate training, obedience training and separation anxiety. Stuff the ball with treats for a relaxing snack or freeze for extended leisure. Dishwasher-safe.

TITAN PET PRODUCTS: Made in America, our pet toys are made from scratch to ensure optimal pet safety. Family comes first, especially with our furry friends. Our bouncy toys are made from durable FDA safe rubber that withstands aggressive chewing.

TITAN BOUNCE: Spoil your pet with treat dispensing toys! Our tough Busy Bounce dog toy is American made & durable. The erratic bounce is mentally stimulating for dogs & keeps them primed for play especially when alone. Add peanut butter for a tasty treat.

Did someone say treat? Stuff with treats for a relaxing snack, a self guided tour around the house nosing the toy to release kibble, or freeze for extended leisure.

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9) KONG - Tires - Durable Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser for Power Chewers

Tire shaped toy made of durable KONG Extreme Rubber for determined chewers

Fill inside wall with Snacks or Easy Treat to extend playtime

Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.

Available in two sizes: S and M/L

“The Kong Tires are durable rubber chew toys and treat dispensers for power chewers

8) HDP Kong Rubber Ball Extreme


  • KONG Extreme Black Rubber ball for durable fetching fun
  • Puncture resistant for continued safe play
  • Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.
  • Available in two sizes: S and M/L

“The Extreme Ball is the toughest and most durable ball on the market. The perfect toy for the dog that loves to fetch and chew.”

7) JW Pet Company Hol-ee Roller X Extreme 5


  • Natural rubber dog toy
  • Fetch toy
  • Durable chew toy
  • Perfect for stuffing with treats
  • Suitable for medium, large, and extra-large breeds
  • Natural rubber dog toy
  • Suitable for medium, large, and extra-large breeds
  • Durable chew toy
  • Perfect for stuffing with treats
  • Suitable for medium, large, and extra-large breeds

“JW’s Hol-ee Roller engages dogs with treats they love for hours of interactive play”

6) Bojafa Toys Balls (2 Pack)


 Valued and Best Pack of 2 dog toy balls: Green and Cyan with light mint scent. Help Clean Teeth and Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build Up.

☆ These tough durable dog balls are made of Non-Toxic natural rubber material : more durable, healthy and puncture resistant compared with PVC and TPR.

☆ Special design for dog toy balls : which can be stuffed with pet snack. Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprise while playing. Best Dog Toys for Boredom.

☆ A smarter IQ training toys for cats puppy dogs : which can be used as dog fetch play balls for outdoor games.Keep Puppy Dogs from Chewing others.

☆ Rubber Dog Teething Cleaning Toys Ideal for Cat, Puppy,Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Even Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers (ball diameter:2.8inch).

“Playtime keeps dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs may grow bored and engage in destructive behavior.
Meanwhile, the interactive games can build trust between people and pets.”

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